Date: 2007-06-07 04:37 pm (UTC)
This is GREAT. Seriously, this is excellent work. I am so impressed!

Just one nitpicky note before I ask a few questions: I think substituting the word 'mother' for 'mom' will make your work sound more formal. Since it is an important thematic word, the more formal, the better. Also, I do not understand your use of the word "vampirella".

First of all, I am curious as to your perception of the male gaze in conflict with shoujo manga. Is yaoi manga, or homoerotic undertones, the only instance where we see it denied or subverted? Do you think there's a possibility for a "male gaze free" manga product? (I think this sort of speculation could have a place in your conclusion.)

Second of all, your analysis of the dismembered female bodies and the priveleged male bodies is right on. I hadn't even noticed this until you pointed it out--that the male characteres are more likely to die with an arm through the chest than have their bodies dismembered. (It's interesting to contrast this with Hokuto's death in Tokyo Bablyon, then, since she dies in a male fashion in taking her brother's place.) In fact, this seems to be an anime-wide trend. I was noticing this in FullMetal Alchemist recently; although the hero, Edward, has lost two of limbs, his death is caused by an arm through the chest, rather than the loss of any more of his mobility. Female bodies personify chaos, but male bodies hold together.

Finally, the distinction between utsukushii and kawaii is a fascinating one, and one that is particularly interesting with regard to CLAMP's works. It also fits in well with your Claude Levi-Strauss analysis at the beginning of the essay (although you might want to mention that just one more time to strengthen the connection.)

As for places to publish... well, the Journal of Popular Culture was always my holy grail. You might also try some of the Asian Studies journals, possibly ones with an artistic emphasis.
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